Native NYC singer Victoria Wasserman felt an immediate connection to Amy Winehouse and was inspired, as were millions of others by her music.  "Although her life was cut short she left us the incredible gift of her music which is deeply rooted in jazz and soul  and uniquely blended with hip hop and reggae..with her powerful vocals and all too honest and witty lyrics, she did what many artists rarely achieve which is to reveal the naked soul without any censorship." 
 Victoria plays regularly in the bay area with her blues/soul duo 45 Revolutions in San Diego's own famed Pub The Chieftain and strives to keep Amy's music alive and to bring it to new audiences through performances with her tribute band.

 Acclaimed Mexican guitarist Jacinto Castaneda has played guitar and bass for over thirty years and enjoyed a string of successful hits with his band Splash in Mexico. Jacinto has toured all over the world with such bands as Chalice, Unique Vision, and Julian Marley. He plays regularly with his blues/soul duo 45 Revolutions in San Diego's own famed Pub The Chieftain.

Mike Toth is a versatile SF Bay Area bassist with a melodic style and pocket-ful groove who performs across genre lines and musical projects. While growing up in New Jersey, Mike picked up the bass to play classic rock with school friends and has journeyed through metal, blues, folk, funk, acid jazz, electronica and soul on his way to his current exploration of the fusion of soul, jazz, funk and hip-hop within the diverse and collaborative musical culture of the Bay Area. Mike covers Amy Winehouse with the Back To Black Tribute Band, jams soul/jazz/funk with The Mars Express, rocks out roots Americana with Jeff Cotton's Gin Joint, runs the Ivy Room Session Tuesday weekly funk night, and can be found on bass at a variety of other Bay Area events.

First cutting his teeth in San Francisco with the swing and SKA revival scenes of the late Nineties, Patrick Byers has not slowed since. After touring with ACME Swing Company and Lee Press-On and the Nails, he earned his Jazz performance degree from Sonoma State University. Out of college, he made the switch to performing Afrobeat and world music, touring the Country and beyond with many of the Bay Area's top Afrobeat bands. As the music industry changed and touring because less profitable, his focus switched to becoming one of the most in-demand Baritone Saxophonists in northern California, as well as adding Flute, Guitar, Percussion, and Melodica to his arsenal. Specializing in Jazz, West African, Funk, Caribbean, Rock, Blues, and New Orleans style music, Patrick continues to play with a diverse group of musicians and bands. 
From the subtle and sensual, to the fiery and fantastic, Patrick Byers displays a timeless breadth and style that is often lacking among today's modern musical landscape.

Joining the band on the alto saxophone is the multi-talented musician and producer Andrew Ferren who performs electronic music under the alias Alpharay. His music integrates found sounds, synthesizers, beats, electronics and live instrumental performance, engaging music of various currents and genres in his sonic journeys. Alpharay's live dub set integrates multichannel mixing, electronics and instrumental improvisational. Andrew's saxophone solos bring a unique melodic fluidity to Amy Winehouse's music and a deep emotional connection.